So now you’re at the point where you need to capture some audio sources and turn them into electrical signals that your computer can recognize. In order to do that you will need a microphone. Microphones come in a bunch of different flavors and varieties all suited for different tasks. For most home studios you will mainly be interested in two basic types.  Dynamic and Condenser microphones.

When deciding what type of microphone to purchase you should first figure out what type of audio you will be wanting to capture with it. Are you planning on recording a lot vocals for say a Vlog or podcast or are you wanting to record a really loud rock band in your garage? One of the main differences between a dynamic mic and a condenser microphone is its ability to capture loud or quiet sounds.

In general, dynamic mics are better suited for capturing loud audio sources like a guitar amp, drums, or screaming vocals. A condenser microphone is better suited for capturing quiet audio sources like voice recordings.

Another big difference is that condenser microphones require what is known as phantom power in order to work. This can be provided by most Audio interfaces or mixers out there.

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